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 Dashboard     February 15, 2019  

Welcome to the Tuscola ISD Data Dashboard.  Use the links below to find the data that you are looking for.

The MiDashboard system provides the following data for all public schools in Michigan:
Minimum, Average and Maximum Salaries for Teachers, Principals and Superintendents (excludes ISDs, see below)
Average Class size in Grades K-3
Third Grade Reading Proficiency
Student Academic Growth 3-8
Students proficient in Math & Reading 3-8
Students Proficient on MME
ACT Composite Score
ACT College Readiness
4 year Graduation Rate
Schools meeting federal Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)
Self Reported Bullying on School Property
Free/Reduced Lunch Participation by Eligible Students
Districts with ongoing deficits for three consecutive years

To use the MiDashboard system, click the link below.  By default you will see state wide data.  To see data for a specific school district or building, click the blue Change button at the top of the page, then in the Location box start typing the name of the school district.  Once you complete the first word a list will appear for you to select from, click the name of the building or district that you are looking for then click the Submit button.




The following additional data is not available through the MiDashboard site:

Data provided in the table below is based on the 2011/12 School year, best data available as of 10/10/2011.

Tuscola ISD
Average class size in grades K-3

Grade K:  N/A
Grade 1:  N/A
Grade 2:  N/A
Grade 3:  N/A

Teacher, principal, & superintendent salary information

Teacher, minimum: $41,664
Teacher, average: $58,873
Teacher, maximum:  $76,081

Principal, minimum:  $55,139
Principal, average:  $73,718
Principal, maximum:  $92,297

Superintendent, minimum:  $119,331
Superintendent, average:  $119,331
Superintendent, maximum:  $119,331

General Fund Balance $817,464
Total number of days of instruction provided 180


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